1.24.2020 BoD Meeting Minutes

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1.24.2020 BoD Meeting at The Bucket Shop, 7;00 pm

Meeting Agenda Attached to this thread.

Attendees: Adam Nitschke, Justin Cook, Shawn Dean, Lawrence Zapata, Andrew Sharkey and Doug Lockett

1) Andrew opened the conversation about BoD Member details and committees.

a. Andrew presented a list with current BoD roles spelled out, no changes made.
b. Who exactly are the current trustees? Appointments deferred to February Meeting.
VOTE: Should the BoD have authority to appoint trustees and be required to approve all trustees appointments? - All voted in Favor.

c. VP confirmed as supervisor of Moderator Corps. VP can make a moderator committee at his/her discretion.
VOTE: Should the VP be in charge of Mods? - All voted in favor.

c. Conversation about current committees and potential future committees. There was some conversation about whether or not there needed to be a BoD vote to allow for the creation of a new committee. No specific changes to existing committees other than the following vote to add a Moderator Committee.
VOTE: Moderators have their own committee? All voted in favor.

g. Conversation about adding a 9th member to BoD in order to prevent ties and allow and additional appointment. No changes made.

Conversation about removing Officers that was not on the official agenda. The proposal was made to allow BoD to remove any ARC officer through majority vote of BoD. The stipulation that requires a general member vote is a bylaw and therefore this proposal is not a change to ARC Constitution. ARC BoD can make this change if approved. The goal is to prevent resentment and "drama" among the general membership.
VOTE: Bylaw change that allows a BoD member to be removed by simple majority (5 of 8) of BoD vote. All voted in favor.

2) Digital Security

a. All accounts to be placed in Raj's name. The money accounts are in Raj's name currently and we need to get all of the digital accounts in his name as well. This includes all of the technical stuff like official website owner, ISP registry, and all other website related items that are paid by ARC. Currently these are under current and former BoD members, some from years and years ago.
b. BoD to have access to Admin panel. - This topic moved to February meeting.

3) Physical Property Security

a. Andrew did some shopping and got prices on a storage unit that's centrally located. Prices range from $50-$80 per month.
VOTE: Do we want to get a storage unit for ARC physical property? All voted in favor.

4) Contest Committee funds

a. Conversation about officially allocating $500 annually for Contest Committee to put on contests. This would be in addition to the gift card we purchase from LFS and give away at ARC meetings.
VOTE: To allocate $500 annually to Contest Committee. All voted in favor

5) New contest to update ARC website banner

a. Contest committee to start and manage a contest to update he ARC banner. Current banner is stretched and pixelated.

6) Should Member's who post items for sale be allowed to Edit their posts? There are a few downsides to allowing this but quite a few more upsides. As long as the Edits are not done "silently" it's a good change. The change to allow this was already made but we still wanted to talk about it.

7) The topic of Member, Member-Sponsor and Sponsor is a very large one and we pushed the conversation out so we could keep moving forward with this meeting.

8) ARC Logo - Conversation about current and past designs. We all agreed that final approval would be up to the general membership. We've got a few designs that we've been looking at this conversation went hand-in-hand with item #5 regarding the banner redesign.

9) ARC Forum Rules. Justin got permission from R2R to use their rules as a template and has made some edits. Justin will upload the rules as they stand to a google doc and everyone can review and edit as they see fit. Final rule set to be approved by BoD at a later date.

We talked a little about separating out the "Dry Good & Livestock" forum into two separate forums. We also talked about way to use all of the other sub forums that we currently have. Right now most things get put in "Reef Discussion" but as membership and activity grows, these sub forums will be more important. This might be something that the Moderator Corps can help out with by moving threads to the appropriate location when applicable.
February meeting scheduled for Sunday, February 23rd at 1:00 pm at Pallisades Medical. Shawn will post details in forum and create the "Featured" post on the ARC Calendar.

Meeting adjourned around 9:30 p.m.


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