150 5x2x2 build.


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I read a post on RC or R2R a long time ago that said not to use any foam for a framed tank.
Glass Cages uses a different type of frame material than Aqueon or Marineland. It's like a thin plastic with an adhesive that sticks to the glass. My sump is a 120 from GC and my DT is Marineland. With a GC tank I could see using some foam under it but with the other two I believe the tank should be set directly onto the stand.


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Sorry I didn’t see that there were any posts ...
I’ll post progress pics tomorrow, just finished building some other things.
Yeah I’ve always heard no support for framed tanks, the frame disperses the weight along the footprint of the framed edge.
All I know is a was told to use the supplied styrofoam, I don’t think the base matters on a flat bottom tank as long as every square inch is supported. I believe the foam- any type- just absorbs all the irregularities of the base, I believe 1/4” would have worked just as good, I thought with filling the tank up that the foam would compress down, even just a little, it did not at all really, the weight is totally dispersed throughout the 60x24 footprint. In my mind- If it was framed I would imagine the frame would cut down into the foam as this area is carrying the weight is way more concentrated, and if the foam was thick enough it could push on the glass and break.
I’m planning on finishing the stand next week.
Just hung the light tonight and going to replace
a ballast in the morning, it’s a t5 8 bulb that I am going to convert to part led, mainly led for the “blue” to enhance color/growth and the t5s for growth/color- I believe after years in this hobby that t5s for ME grow most coral best. I put me in caps as I know many people will argue the whole led debate, I prefer leds overall so I believe using both is best for ME.
Okay.. bed time, I’ll update this thread tomorrow.