2.8.21 BoD Zoom


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2.8.2021 BoD Meeting 7:00 pm Zoom

Attendees: Shawn Dean, Doug Lockett, Adam Nitschke, Justin Cook, Austin Trizzino, Lawrence Zapata, David Foster, Bill Musselwhite

I. Reefers Royale
  • They applied to be a sponsor and have a brick & mortar store in the works.
  • Vote – All in Favor
II. 2020 Taxes
  • Working to get copies of previous years.
  • Adam will check it out and make a decision to hire a person or do it ourselves.
III. ARC Insurance
  • Insurance will be paid in the near future.
  • 2 policies that cover event accidents and cover’s Club Officers.
IV. February ARC Meeting – Online
  • Aquascaping – Demo at Adam’s basement.
  • Tank Spotlight?
  • Get $500 additional in gift certificates from Reef Shac to go with The Fish Store that we have.
V. Server Hosting
  • Go back to TMD?
  • Leo wants to stop being the point man for the website. (As was always intended).
  • Officers will do a bit of research into the best option.
VI. 2021 Expo
  • We moved to suspend the 2021 Expo.
  • We will have a frag swap in the Fall.
  • MACNA interferes with the even too much.