2019 Expo


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Stone Mountain
Greeting fellow reefers, it looks like our very own Southeast Aquariums is going to be with us at the 2019 Expo and I'm really excited. SEA (Southeast Aquariums) Atlanta has been a long time supporter and I recently had the opportunity to talk and meet with the gang at their location in Lawrenceville. While I was there, I had a few surprises. I've always known that SEA did design, install and maintenance work but I always thought it was, well, a little more high-end than what I've got going on over here in Stone Mountain. During our conversation about the Expo I mentioned that I was in the market for a frag tank and the one I had my eye on hasn't been available for a while To my surprise, Jeff was able to give me a quote on exactly what I was looking for and it ended up being less than what I had been shopping for.

So, if you're going to the 2019 Expo make sure to stop by and see Sea (I had to do it). Not only are they a great local company that designs, manufactures and installs great systems, I think they will have a few deals specifically for Expo attendees!