28G JBJ Nanocube 150W HQI


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I have an 8 year old 28G JBJ Nanocube setup that I recently just replaced with a new one.

Everything works perfectly on it and it is well maintained. I have cleaned it up so it's ready to go. Always been a reef tank.

It is the old double ended metal halide version and I will through in an extra Halmiton 14k bulb ($60 to $70 alone) so you should be set for quite a while. It always grew corals like crazy but you will have to watch the heat and either keep the room cool or I just added fans blowing in the back and that works fine. Moonlights have their own separate plug so you can independently control them.

The stand is the original that I painted to match the walls in my old house. It's in good shape except for around the rim of the tank lid where it is chipping die to the years of saltwater. This could be easily touched up or whole thing repainted easily.

Anyway selling for $200 obo with only caveat being I will not part out or deliver. You have to pick up from my house which is near Clairmont and 85. A couple images attachedIMG_20200112_094317.jpgIMG_20200112_094317.jpgIMG_20200112_094259.jpgIMG_20200112_094245.jpg