72 Gallon Bow Front build thread.


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Hello Everyone,

The time is NOW! To start 2023 I'm going to start my first saltwater tank. This will be a somewhat low budget build due to the fact that I just purchased a 210 for a future build and most of my money will go to that. However, with that said, I asked about a 36 gallon bow front and a 72, everyone says start with the 72 so that's what I'm going to do. So let the fun begin. I know ill be asking a TON of questions, but you all as well as a lot of you I have meet thus far have been very helpful. My thought is to make this a budget reef so tap in if you have some ideas for me. So far I have the following,

Tank, 72 Gallon Bow Front with Corner overflow
100lbs or so of clean base rock.
Just PM'd a seller about lights and return pump, 2400 per gallon. (Is this a good flow for this size tank?)
Will be purchasing a standard 29 gallon for a sump and using the ebay sump kit.
Current USA loop system for return pump and lights.

So at this point, what other suggestions do experienced reefers suggest for equipment?



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Good luck! 72 bow front is a great way to get started- that's where I did. I'd say that return pump is fine for your system- I'm assuming that's max flow, so you can tweak it down if needed. With a 29 gallon sump filled halfway, you'd be at about 87 gallons total volume- without rock, sand, etc... I'm assuming you mean 2400 gph. That would be overkill in my opinion, but if you can turn it down, all good. You'll lose flow coming up from the sump back to the return nozzle regardless.

If you're looking for a sump/ baffle system- I have one posted. I use a fuge and skimmer only- no filter socks, so if you're planning to use them it wouldn't be good for you. If not, I can let you have some chaeto, too. 20 Gallon sump | Atlanta Reef Club

Hold onto your wallet, this is about to get fun!