A Cinco de Mayo Fishbucks Extravaganza!

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"Fish Bucks" Special Now through Monday!
For every $100 you spend on fish and coral get $30 in "fish bucks" to spend on more of the same!

Spend $200 and get 20 Bonus Fishbucks on top of the 60! (80 total)
Spend $300 and get 40 Bonus Fishbucks on top of the 90! (130 total)
Spend $400 and get 60 Bonus Fishbucks on top of the 120! (180 total)

And how about a salt sale?
Instant Ocean 200g box for $35!
Reef Crystals 200g box for $45!

(1) Bonded pair of Hawaiian Dragon Moray eels
(4) Australian Copperband butterfly Medium
(1) Large Australian Harlewuin Tusk
(1) Large & (1) Show size Hawaiian Durgeon triggers
(6) Small Red Tail triggers
(1) Small Gem Tang - eating everything
(1) Small Achilles - eating everything
(14) Small Regal Tangs -
(6) Medium Regal Tangs
(28) different kinds of wrasses
Small, med and large cleaner shrimp
Many Fire shrimp
Med Sohal Tang - eating everything
Med Vlamingi tang - eating everything
Small Vlamingi tangs - eating everything
Small Clown tang - eating everything
And way too much more to list!

Our coral selection is through the roof. All coral over $199 will have special pricing!

(Cannot be deducted from original ticket, although can be used same day or saved for a rainy day, the days people like most to work on their tanks! Not eligible with ARC or other discounts)