ARC Coral & Aquatics Expo - May 18, 2019 12:00-5:00 PM


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ARC Expo Raffles!

We are pleased to announce that we will be conduction 2 types of raffles this year


All supporting Members attending will receive one free entry to the ARC free Raffle.

Free Raffle Prizes to name a few…

  • Seachem, Reef Fusion parts A&B, Algae Scrapers, CoralCrete, Purfiltrum, 120g bucket of Salinity
  • Tunze, Care magnet long, Turbelle Nanostream 6020
  • Synergy reef Coozies
  • Continum, various products…Cheato grow, Aqua Blades…
  • Brightwell Aquatics, Various Products…Coral Amino, Koral VM, Assorted Reef Blizzard food packs…


This year we will be selling paid raffle tickets at $5 each or 5-$20

*Raffle tickets will only be sold at the event and the winner must be present to claim the prize.

Once you purchase raffle tickets you can place them in a bucket for the desired raffle prize. This means you can select which prize you enter the raffle for. You can place as many or as few in any of the prize buckets. A lot of our vendors will be offering Vendor specific raffle prizes so visit all the vendors to see what they may have donated to the paid raffle.

*Each participating Vendor will have a prize bucket at their booth to entry the raffle for their prize.

Paid Raffle Prizes to name a few…

  • ARC & Neptune systems, Full Apex System $799
  • ARC, AI Hydra 26 HD $350
  • ARC, 6 ATI ICP Water Test kits $270
  • Bulk Reef Supply, 75gpd 4 STAGE VALUE PLUS RO/DI $215
  • Josh Pork Sandwich, Zoa pack & Zoa ID chart $325
  • Glow Pop corals, $100 Gift card
  • Riptide Aquaculture, 2 $50 gift cards