ARC/Falcons Parody Shirt


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Hi everyone! Special thanks to @bzb for coming up with this awesome ARC/Falcons mashup parody shirt.

I love swag! You love swag? How bout some 2020 swag?!?

Tees would be produced locally (support local small businesses!) in ~2 weeks or so once we submit payment. Any additional we need to hit our minimum will be purchased for raffles or offered at the expo. Here's the deets:

"Dark Heather" Triblend Bella+Canvas t-shirt. Screen printed 3 colors both sides with flash. Not the cheap stuff these shirts are super comfortable, a lil stretchy, and ideally hold the screen print.

Prices are as follows:

S-XL: $18 ea
2XL: $19 ea
3XL: $20 ea

These typically run "fitted" so if you normally wear a Medium go for the Large. Unless you want "suns out guns out", then by all means get that schmedium.

And here's the art to put that good vibes out there that we may have a season:


1. Send PayPal via Friends & Family to: for the total amount of the shirts you're ordering. If its not friends and family we will simply refund yah so you can try again :p.
2. Reply here with your Paypal transaction ID and the shirt sizes you're reserving.

A very limited quantity of shirts will be able to be purchased after the run is produced. Shirts should be available mid-May.

For those of you that are curious, the 20 on the back is to give homage to 2020... which is also our 20th year anniversary as a club. :)
Attached below is my payment receipt
2- XL