August Photo Contest - OG Bounce Prize! :)


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Hey everyone,

For this photo contest, the prize will be a WWC OG Bounce baby that I'm donating. It came off one of my mother colonies and is fully healed and growing well. This is the coral that started the whole bounce craze and its odd that after all this time its still the most colorful. I was expecting to see even better bounce corals to hit the market but after collecting a dozen different kinds or so this one is still the nicest around imo. The colors are just unreal!

To participate in the contest simply post the best picture you may have of your tank or its inhabitants. It can be a pic of a fish, a coral, a FTS, top down, whatever it is that you'd like to share. There is only one entry per person. The person that wins the contest is simply the pic that gets the most likes. The contest will close at the end of the month and we'll announce the winner at the time. Pickup is in Suwanee or at one of the meetings.