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As for the board was right by deleting my post on a issue.
So as for I'm not here to get pity from you guys. I'm a grown adult here. As for another hit from someone I met on arc. As for the club has been great to me and thanks. As alot of you guys know me and some we've became real good friends over the years. I've always give stuff to people as for that's the way i am. So I met a fellow reefer on here rexx and we were doing a business together. As for that didnt work. So he agreed to give me all my equipment back and now has chosen to keep it. Most of you know rexx and I can say be careful. So honestly I know he's new on here so I guess that's the way some people are e get their kicks.
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The rules for the Feedback forum state that each party will be given one post and they both must be civil. We've been a little lax in allowing some conversations to go on but we're going to monitor things a bit more closely so it doesn't get unwieldy. With that in mind, all comments made by someone other than @rexx1029 will not be approved.


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just to let everyone on there is a whole lot more to this story and al that I do not want to get into on this page or with any random people. But I never said that I wouldn’t return things and I did return most things but like I said there is a lot more to the story and things got way out of hand and I cut all communications and all with him because of threats and such which I have record of and all. I have communicated with the admin and mods on the situation and if anyone has concerns with me please feel free to reach out to me anytime I have nothing to hide or do anyone wrong at all
Thanks to all and hope to understand