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Located in Acworth.

Fish are all very healthy - every fish has been through a quarantine / treatment process and I have zero evidence of any fish diseases in this tank.

I DO HAVE AIPTASIA in the display so please be aware.

I threw a fist sized chuck of chaeto in my refugium several months ago - and while it stayed healthy, nice deep green color and never really died off - it didn't grow for many months. Imagine my surprise when I reached in and grabbed what I thought was a little piece - only to discover it's actually as big as a basketball. (OK - so I need to stick my head under that side of my cabinet more than once every 3 weeks.)

If anyone in the Acworth area would like a chunk - please let me know - I'll be happy to give some away.

Digging around online seems like a nice healthy rinse / storage in RODI water for a few days - with an observation period (in a home depot bucket for instance) to be a decent way to reduce (not eliminate) - risk of transferring anything.

DM me here if anyone would like any - or if you have my cell number already feel free to text me.