CLOSED: November 'LPS' Photo Contest


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This contest is completely free and open for supporting members! If you're not an ARC supporting member consider joining, it's well worth it. Every month, ARC has free prizes, frag-swaps, cool guest speakers, and give-aways... plus many members will give you free coral frags just for joining.

bhodges82. Bazooka Joe Chalice and Blenny.jpg

For this photo-contest, the subject is LPS Corals! Please submit your photos of Euphyllias, Acans, Favias, Platygyras, Duncans, Candy Canes, Wellsos, Blastos, Lobos, Chalices, and more. Full-tank shots are also allowed for heavily-LPS dominant tanks... otherwise, those may be best for a different contest. If you're uncertain on a specific coral, feel free to make your post. Due to the non-descript term "LPS", there will be some flexibility on cyphastreas, leptos, leptas... (Not included examples: anemones, mushroom corals, leathers, kenya trees, sinularia, acropora, montipora).

The prize will be a $50 Gift Certificate to an LFS Sponsor of your choice! Whichever pic the contest committee likes the most will win. Please vote on photos too; share some love for the people who participate.

This contest will conclude on November 30th (11:59pm), and a winner should be announced within the first week of December.

Contest FAQs

Enjoy a few more awesome photos from previous years

bigd. frogspawn.jpegRhirano09. Gold Hammer and Clown Goby.jpghzheng33. Space Invador Pectinia. maybe.jpegn4th3n. euphyllia garden.jpegjwils27. Lobo. maybe.jpeg
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This is an old picture of mine, but it's my favorite picture I've ever taken.