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Steve Burton

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Hard to believe I haven't made it here before but today was my first visit to Premier Aquatics. I'm sorry it took so long. This is a very impressive store. I was greeted before I ever got in the door, and when I did enter was quickly asked if there was anything he could help me with. When i told him I was an ARC member and this was my first visit he told me ARC members get a 15% discount on all saltwater livestock. There were lots of employees, and several checked to ask if I needed anything, and the original greeter checked back several times also. Everyone was friendly. After examining the whole store I grabbed him and he addressed all my questions. Examining the store, I was very impressed. The large freshwater section had a greater selection of fish than any store I've ever been in. The saltwater section was also well stocked with quite a variety of fish, and a decent selection of corals. There seemed to be identification stickers including prices for most everything, but the print was small for my old eyes. The ones I used my phone light to see were mostly freshwater fish which seemed reasonably priced. Overall I give them an A+.

The reason I went was that I received $153 in gift certificates in a trade. I didn't spend any so it's still $153. I'm not in the market for any big ticket items so as a reward for reading this far I'll sell them to someone for $125. If no takers I'll make another trip or two and buy stuff I don't need.