Editing Sale Threads/Posts


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So one of our supporting members asked whether he could edit his own thread here: https://atlantareefclub.org/boards/index.php?threads/am-i-able-to-edit-a-for-sale-post.1174604/

After discussing it with the BOD, we decided to make a change and allow this effective immediately. So those listing items for sale can go ahead and edit their own thread's title and their own posts on the thread. This is particularly useful for larger postings or tank breakdowns where someone is parting items out. You can now edit your original post to indicate what is still available and also adjust pricing if necessary. Keep in mind that all edits are logged in history which is viewable by mods/admins upon valid request. You can also change the title of the thread. This will help streamline since we don't allow deletion of sale threads but when you're all sold out you have the discretion now to update the title of the thread to indicate the sale is over.

Please keep in mind that this is a perk for supporting members only. Thank you for your continued support!