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Might be good idea to have the ability to give feedback on people who's selling in the forum, I personally always strive to give the best description of what I'm selling and also I have been told something and when I get it wasn't as expected, imo, sometimes when I sell something I actually have taken some time to explain, test or help in the questions they ask me, and I believe I'm not just bought or sold something, I made a friend. I also have been given time to my concerns and sometimes test or see the goods before getting them. It could be more as a dealing with good fellas, who actually make the feel that we are that community we want, I agree not all of us take up on our words and sometimes we take little deception.
This concern came to me as the FS forum now has been designed for everyone to sell, it could be a good feature to give feedback on each participant.
Disregard if this can cause more trouble than help.