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First, it is great to be here and sponsor the forum, I have been a part of this club for a long time, and have been in the industry since the early 2000's. My first company Captive Oceans, we introduced the USA to Bubble King, Red Dragon, and ZEOvit. We were the North American Distributor. I decided to sell the company around 2008/2009 and shut down the 5,000 gallons of prop tanks, I was just burned out.

Fast forward to 2019, after a couple years of maintenance and tank system designs. While never fully getting out, still staying in touch with the many dear friends I had made over the years, I decided to get back into the industry a little more seriously.

We are the North American Distributor for Noopsyche Lighting, under the name NoopsycheUSA. While many haven't heard of this LED, we have a very large following on Reef2Reef, getting Dana Riddle involved, wanting his stamp of approval to ensure I wasn't wasting my time. He did a major write up for us, and is a user himself. With his approval, myself and Matt my partner with NoopsycheUSA have been hitting the road, getting the name out, getting the lights into peoples hand. To date, we have only had 2 total units come back to us out of the thousands we have sold. While we hate to have any failures, we feel the light speaks for itself. The most recent failure was last night, we had a customer who bought though a shop here in GA reach out, let me know it wasn't running right, so I met him in a parking lot at 9:30pm last night, b/c that is how important our customers are to us.

Please check out the PAR readings from Dana. We are a $154.99 LED that out performed the AI 26HD and beat out most of the marks from the XR15 Gen 4 Pro at a fraction of the cost.

Our warranty - Simple, you drop it in the water we will figure something out, otherwise, we replace the unit, we don't try and fix it, we don't need you being down for days or weeks while we figure out what failed, we simply give you a new one in box and send back to the manufacture and have them find out what happened and how we can try to prevent it again.

We sell all of the major brands on top of Noopsyche, including Neptune, EcoTech, CoralVue, etc. While we don't stock a lot of items at this point, we can get it within a day or 2. There are just too many SKU's to try and stock everything, we keep a good amount of Neptune and EcoTech in stock.

We look forward to working with the fine folks of the ARC, we will be doing a lot of lighting giveaways, etc. so check back often!


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I haven't heard of the lights but I'll look into it. They sound promising for sure. Need something for my new display tank. Welcome Scott!


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This is awesome! I have been looking forward to seeing what smaller and or local companies can create to compete with the main stream manufactures


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I have the Noopsyche T5 Hybrid light that I purchased from Scott. There isn’t anything I don’t like about the light. From its functionality and programming abilities to its sleek design the light is amazing. Couple all of that with Scott’s above and beyond customer service and you can’t go wrong. If anyone lives in the Cumming area (or wants to make the drive) to see the light in action feel free to send me a message and we can work something out.

Thank you Scott for an amazing product and I look forward to a continued friendship.