Informational Post- Tony's Acrylics


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Because I happened to be standing nearby, I overheard part of a conversation at our meeting of this past Sunday. This is not meant to cast a bad shadow over anyone. Therefore, I won't mention any names. The part of the conversation that caught my attention was "Yeah, Tony makes some nice stuff out of his garage." Well, just to set the record straight... He does us a favor by taking some of his time to make custom pieces for us. It's something he does because he likes the hobby, and more than that, the club, it's members and how they have helped get him eased into the reefing community. What he does for us is nothing compared to what his REAL job is. Just thought I'd share a few pics of the the manufacturing facility he and his family own.



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Lawrenceville, GA
thank you Doug I was sure I would had been the topic for a bit when I joined the club. If anyone would like a tour of my facility and the things I make please stop by whenever you guys want. We are open 7am to 330pm Monday to Friday.

H&T Plastics
1615 Lakes Parkway Suite B
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
Cell: 678-687-0807

Like Doug said, I do all this custom stuff for you guys because of the kindness I have gotten from day one. So i figured that I would help the community out by doing what I do best and just happened to be lucky enough that I am in the correct business. Most members that I have worked with know the quality of my work and pricing, i do whatever I can to help. If anyone has any questions about anything let me know.