June 2019 ARC Meeting - Fish/Reef Nutrition with Larry from LRS

June 2019 ARC Meeting - Fish/Reef Nutrition with Larry from LRS
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Bucket Shop Cafe
Saturday, June 29, 2019 - 03:00 PM
Until: Saturday, June 29, 2019 - 05:00 PM
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Thanks again ARC Folks! We really appreciate your support. I thought Larry's story was very interesting and enjoyed seeing everyone again. We are really sorry Heisenberg could not make the Coral Expo due to our moving production to a larger setup but we are definitely back better than before. Later this week we will start our weekly Pod Giveaway, a number of you signed up at the meeting. On this our inaugural drawing we will be giving out a combo of a 16oz of Copepods and 20oz of Phyto! We will post the result here, on Instagram @heisenbergaquaculture and on Facebook. If you missed us at the meeting and would like to enter email me at Kevin@heisenbergaquaculture.com


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Glad you guys enjoyed the meeting. Larry is the man. It was a great presentation on his part! He also came down and did the talk for us at no cost to the club as well which was also amazing. I tried to compensate him at the very least for travel/expenses and he would have nothing of it!

For those that confused the meeting for being on a Saturday... When I ran that post asking what days work best, Sunday/Saturdays were pretty much tied. So I'm trying to alternate as I schedule these meetings. The next one will most likely be on a Sunday though. I'm still looking for an appropriate venue for that one but stay tuned... I should have an announcement on the next meeting shortly!