May 2017 Sponsor Spotlight


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Don't forget about our ARC discount at Air, Water & Ice!

"ARC Member Discount Code for Air, Water, and Ice is:#18057

10% for all individual buyers

15% for all group buys (order must be a minimum of $1000 using one credit
card and shipped to one address)"

Let's do our best so show our sponsors some love, and work for them as hard as they work for us!

"Since 1982, Air Water & Ice has provided the most reliable, consistent and highest quality RODI units, Membranes & Filters in the industry. We specialize in custom RODI units! All of our units have a LIFETIME PARTS REPLACEMENT WARRANTY, a 30 day money back guarantee & we price match anyone. We build and test every unit we sell the day you order - so you always get the freshest products andbest performance for your application. Test our customer service! We offer after hours customer support through email. We are all about you making pure water for less money. You CAN pay more but you can't get LESS than ZERO TDS. We are a small family business dedicated to saltwater aquarium enthusiast all over the globe. We love our customers and work hard to keep our cost low and provide you the most value for your money. Its all about the most bang for the buck here and EVERY customer matters at Air Water & Ice! We hope to speak to you soon regarding how we can help. Happy Reefing! Your friends at Air Water & Ice tel: 772-461-0256 or email:"