My Reefer 200 Xl


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Well, had some a bad incident recently. My wife and I were cleaning the house. Someone one of us moved my doser and the manual dose button got held down. My alk skyrocketed. A lot of coral didn’t make it over the new few days even with massive water changes. Those that did survive lost a portion of color and had a slight case of STN. Saves a much as I could and clipped the rest. No fish death. Wouldn’t be a reef hobby without hiccups. Wife just said “it’s alright we can buy more”. I love her lol. Considering reorienting the way the doser is places View attachment 28232

The coralline starting to spread. I’m surprised at how fast it’s spread. Small patches can be seen around the tank. I seeded it with a single pebble. Hopefully it will cover more and his the green that I fairly dislike.
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Sorry to hear that. I know the pain all too well. Lost a colony of pink lemonade go doser issues. Hope the tank rebounds better than ever.