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So a few of you have made some great suggestions to share people's tanks and so we're making it official! :Thumbsupa:

I wanted us to do a tour of tanks in May but since that's not happening due to covid19, streaming online is also an interesting way of sharing people's builds and tanks with everyone. One of my favorite things is to see other people's tanks and setups, pick their brains, ask questions and simply learn from other successful reefers as none of us have all the answers... we just think we do :). There are so many different goals and ways to achieve success in this hobby and we thought it'd be nice for us to share with each other. As such, we are starting a new series on sharing member tanks with a live feed and we will record the video/audio. It'll be similar to how our last meeting went with that amazing predator tank and feeding... Thanks again @Totes for sharing with us. Although this time we'll use my dslr with an orange lens filter and a good mic moving forward so hopefully the video quality will improve. Watching those eels feed though... was awesome :). Anyways, we will be posting the videos on YouTube as well for future posterity on an ARC Videos channel. I'd like to get these done roughly every month and it is not in place of a meetings as those are still going to happen... its just something extra.

If you're interested in participating just send me a message with a full tank shot. No tank is perfect but if you're not shy hit me up and we'll get it going. We've got a few nice ones lined up and I'll get the first date/time posted later once I get a full tank shot for you guys.
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