NO more buckets!!! Python Water Change equip = A+


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Holy crap.... how did I do anything before this stuff?!!?

Splashes, carrying numerous buckets out, more drips on floor, towels, clean up, etc... NO MORE!


= me doing WAY more water changes!

Soooooo much easier than buckets. It is prob worth 2-3x cost at least.

I got the reg kit with 50' hose to be able to have it go outside and hook to reg garden hose for suction part. I also got the longer tube (24") so I put my hands in tank less and can reach harder to get areas.

Hook up was super easy. Once you get everything going, you can feel the suction before it even goes in the tank. Kinda like a vacuum cleaner. About 6 seconds after putting it in the tank, suction started pulling water out and was good to go. It has a shut off on the close tube, but didn't really have to use it since the longer tube gave the sand more time to fall out. When I was ready to go over the braces to the next section, I just raised out of the water till water was out of tube, and dunked right back in the next section. 6 more seconds and back in action. No water on floor, no carrying buckets, simple easy and WORTH IT!

Get this asap if you are still doing buckets lol!