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This contest is completely free and open for supporting members! If you're not an ARC supporting member consider joining, it's well worth it. Every month, ARC has free prizes, frag-swaps, cool guest speakers, and give-aways... plus many members will give you free coral frags just for joining.


For this photo-contest, the subject is Invertebrates! With their long tentacles, many legs, claws, and needle-like stingers, Invertebrates can be some of the creepiest creatures we keep in our tanks. Yet they also can be beautiful, curious, and occasionally overflowing with personality! It's the season of Halloween, so lets do our annual Invertebrate Photo Contest. Please submit your photos of Crabs, Shrimps, Hermits, Snails, Conchs, Urchins, Sea Stars, Cucumbers, Feather Dusters, Worms, or any similar critters (Not included: corals, anemones, and fish).

The prize will be a $50 Gift Certificate to an LFS Sponsor of your choice! Whichever pic the contest committee likes the most will win. Please vote on photos too; share some love for the people who participate.

This contest will conclude on Halloween night, October 31st (11:59pm), and a winner should be announced within the first week of November.

Contest FAQs

Enjoy a few more awesome photos from previous years

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