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ARC Forum Reef-Scape Photo Contest

Good morning everybody! I have a new contest (and prize money) that I'm very excited to present to y'all.

The ARC website, if viewed on a desktop browser has an old reef-scape header/banner at the top of the page. Maybe some of you noticed. But this image is not seen in mobile, so if you didn't know about it, you're not alone.
Frankly, this image is old, faded, pixelated, and stretched... in short, it looks weird.
ARC old reefscape Banner.JPG

But there is Good News!

We are looking for photos to replace this, and what better than to display some of our ARC Member's display tanks! Please submit any photos of your tank that you wish to throw in the ring for consideration!
  • Post images of your reef-scape! Fish and inverts are welcome, but it must include some corals, whether a handful of frags, or many large colonies.
  • Preferably try to get these images in high resolution. DSLR and SLR with a tripod is great, but even modern camera-phones take amazing photos.
    • Don't worry, our editors can crop the image and put on any 'finishing touches' before posting it.
  • Please give a "like" to any and all photos that you wish to vote for.
  • Please feel free to tag anybody that you think has an awesome tank and/or provide new photos.
  • Multiple submissions welcome. Just place each image in a separate post, in order to help with voting.

What is the prize?
In addition to potentially getting your photo chosen to be the new header for the ARC website, we will also include a $50 gift certificate to one of our LFS Sponsors of your choice.

When does the contest end?
I'll leave this contest open-ended for now. But tentatively, let's shoot for March 2020. That's almost 2 months, in case you want to submit a few photos separately, from different angles or lighting.

How will the winner be chosen?
Winner will be chosen by the Contest Committee. However, there will be an exceptionally strong preference given to whichever photo has the most likes!

I can't wait to see what yall come up with!
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