PLEASE READ PRIOR TO POSTING: Rules for Trading & Selling Forums


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Registered Members are now allowed to post in these forums, minimum requirements are 25 meaningful posts and you can post! Any existing Registered members that have already meet the minimum meaningful post requirement are good to go and can start posting immediately.
*Sales forum Posts do not count toward the 25 minimum meaningful post requirement for registered members.

The rules below are posted in both Dry Goods & Livestock
and Non-Fish Related forums..

Forum Rules

In order to maintain a professional, family orientated environment for our community the following policies must be followed at all times. Failure to comply with these rules may result in a suspension or ban as decided by the Board of Directors.

You must be a registered (and completed 25 meaningful posts) or a supporting (paid) member of ARC in order to post anything for sale or trade. No commercial sales are allowed unless you are an approved Sponsor of the Atlanta Reef club. You must post a price and location for each item up for sale. When possible, please list multiple items in one post and list the highest priced item in the required field. All transactions are the responsibility of the two parties involved in the sale and the Board of Directors will not intervene. However, sellers must conduct themselves in an ethical matter and maybe sanctioned or banned if multiple complaints arise from transactions. Unless you know the seller you should always protect yourself by paying through PayPal via goods and services. Sales of any type of firearms or their accessories are strictly forbidden. No unnecessary comments are allowed in sales threads. No reselling or selling on the behalf of others is permitted. Bumping is allowed one time per week.

We are a family oriented community. As such, please keep it clean and professional.

If you would like your post to be shown on the group Facebook page please click the Facebook Icon at the bottom of the page and as long as you are logged in to Facebook you should be able to share it to the page.

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