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I bought a SC aquarium 301 skimmer to go in my dt back in February and so far so good. No problems and quiet. When I set up my frag tank I decided to go with another 301 skimmer. Got it put in and again no problems works just like the other one. Except the pump was making a humming sound. I took the pump apart checked it over didnt see any problems. I put up with it for a while and then said enough's enough. I contacted SC aquarium about the problem. Within the hour I was sent back a email asking for a pic of the purchase invoice. I went to Amazon and pulled it from there and sent it. Next email was within a hour saying the pump was being shipped the next day and was provided a tracking number. A couple days later the pump arrived and installed. Just as quiet as the other one.
Dont let the sub $100 price tag throw you off it's a good skimmer and there customer service will be hard to beat.