Selling my dream tank - RedSea Reefer 525XL and all equipment


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Alpharetta, GA
RedSea Reefer 525 XL System for sale - $4,500

This is my dream tank and I am selling in preparation for moving. This was running as of 10/2/2020 when I drained it to remove live stock. Everything is in excellent shape and has all been cleaned up and is ready to use (livestock and stone have all been rehomed). I’m not entertaining parting out at this time but if you are interested in a component let me know and Ill contact you if a time comes where it is necessary.

RedSea Reefer 525 XL (black stand) 2016 (2800) - 1
Custom Acrylic Lid -1
Radion XR15 Pro Gen4 (May 2018) - 3
Radion XR15 Pro diffusers - 3
Ecotech Radion Slide Mounts - 3
Ecotech Radion Hanging Kit - 1
Ecotech Radion Track 50" - 1
Ecotech Reeflink - 1
Nyos Quantum 160 Skimmer - 1
Neptune Apex 2016 - 1 (yes probes are being kept submerged)
Neptune Apex Energy Bar (12/2019) - 1
Neptune DOS dosers - 2
Neptune low profile leak detection probe - 2
Neptune Advanced leak detection module - 1
Neptune Break out box - 1
Neptune Magentic probe rack - 1
Maxspect Gyre XF150 - 2
Icecap Gyre controller for Apex - 2
Ecotech Battery Backup (replaced battery 8/20) - 1
Ecotech Vectra Backup Booster Cable - 1
Icecap Battery Backup for Gyres - 1
AquaMaxx Reactors - 2
Ecotech Vectra M1 and screen kit - 1
Tunze Osmolator 3155 Auto top off - 1
MJ1200 sump circulation pump - 1
BRS CO2 scrubber kit - 1
EA acclimation box - 1
Hanna Alkalinity - 1
Brute can setup for water changes (float valve, connections, pump and tubing) - 1
Lots of extras

Let me know if you want more pictures of anything or have any questions. Hoping to find a good home for my setup.

Local pickup only and only accepting either cash or Paypal for payment. The system is ready to be moved and all equipment has been neatly arranged so that It can be reassembled quickly. The aquarium is near the front entrance and there are two small steps on the walk out to the street so about as easy as it gets for moving day. This aquarium and stand are heavy and will require multiple people and suction cups for lifting.






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Man - If only I had the room to do something like this :(