Special Discount Inside! Feedback requested!


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I took advantage of your $10 on $10 coupon. Thanks for that. As for site feedback, I do have one suggestion...

If I add an item to the cart, please do not prompt me to continue shopping. If possible, make the site along the lines of Amazon, whereby your cart (along with a count of items and the running total) is displayed at the top. It sounds small, but its aggravating to click continue shopping after each item added to the cart.


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<p style="text-align:center;">Air, Water & Ice has just launched our new website!


For a period of time, the old site [IMG]http://airwaterice.com">www.airwaterice.com</a> will remain up and running, effective October 1, 2014 we will be discontinuing the old site, and all old airwaterice links will be redirected to [IMG]http://theh2oguru.com">www.theh2oguru.com</a>.

We’d love feedback from our most valuable customers - our saltwater hobbyists!

We want your feedback on the new site, so we are offering you $10 off any purchase of $10 or more, plus shipping, for the first 250 customers! That code is [/B][B]<span style="color: Red;">AWI99912</span>[/B]

[B]We appreciate everyone’s patience while getting this up and running!

Please note that only your email and address information were carried over to the new site. You will need to request a new password to access your account.

Records of your prior purchases and old credit card information were not transferred to the new site. You can request prior purchase info by emailing us at [IMG]mailto:info@theh2oguru.com">info@theh2oguru.com</a> or just call us 772-461-0256.
[B]You can still use your 10% club discount code[/B] [B]<span style="color: red;">18057</span>[/B] [B]as it will remain the same![/B]

[B]The Free TDS Meter code for purchases over $39.95 has changed to [/B][B]<span style="color: red;">AWI99919</span>[/B] [B](you must add the $19.95 Senno Hand-Held meter to your cart then add the code to get the $19.95 credit – Free TDS Meter)[/B]

[B]The Free shipping code for purchases over $175 has been changed to[/B] <span style="color: red;">[B]AWI99955[/B]</span>

[B]We have added optional drop-downs on most all of our units for your convenience. Your feedback is very important to us. Drop us an email, leave us a note on your order; but please let us know what you think or what else you’d like to see! We want this site to be as user friendly as possible for you!

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to hearing from you![/B]


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I love the costumer service and support you guys have only purchased twice form you guy and both experiences were fabulous. Thank you. Will post my feedback soon in the new website.