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    Hey guys i am an old member been out of the game A LONG TIME! I had an eel tank about 10 years ago and looking to recreate same thing…. my question.

    Is a 40 gallon breeder too short? I used a standard 55 gallon last time i did this and it went fine but wondering if a 40 gallon breeder tank would not be enough room….

    Would love to do FOWLR standard snowflake eel, maybe a yellow tang or fire angel not too many fish, i know yellow tang will require swim room so also concern there with the length…

    Thoughts? Thanks so much fellas!! Also are LED the preferred light now? Back when i was a around it was T5 and MH the Sunpod was the jam!!!! Haha


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    Welcome back!  I think a 40g is too small and I would go back to a 55 or you could find a 90g with the same footprint.  Leds are pretty darn amazing now.   However,  I think adding summplimental t5’s with leds is the way to go.



    That’s kinda what i figured….. not worried about the foot print, i can go bigger than a 55 but wanna keep it practical…. don’t need anything crazy



    as far as lighting goes, use either what you have or what you can find on the cheap used. As you know theres no reason to have “coral” lighting for FOWLR tank.

    Probably the most natural looking light would be a simple LED of some kind where you can tune the blue and white channels. A cheap one that comes to mind is made by Ocean Revive. It isn’t perfect, but it could be great for FOWLR.



    Thanks! Now thoughts on the type of eel. A guy at nemo’s showed me a picture of a banana eel they had at one time. It looked pretty cool I like the typical snowflake just like the way they look. I had a wolf eel (I forget the exact name) in my old eel tank and loved it as well. Just looking for different stuff and thoughts from anyone that would like to share.



    BTW do you need a 30 inch Snowflake eel?? moving and will take $50 fr him

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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