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    I have an AIO (all in one) tank.  about 10 gallon display with a waterfall ATS filter in the back and 2 gallons in the back for return and some ceramic media.  My problem is that i bought a tiny anemone from an ARC member a while back.  It grew and got huge, then split into 2.  Then they grew and got big, and now one of them has split again so i have 3.  My small 10g tank is full of anemones, that take up so much space that my non clowns have no room, and they are shading over my coral.  I have a 40g breeder in the garage i never set up, i guess it is time to set up.  I told my friend about it, and he made fun of me saying, “yah i hate that, its like how it is hard to walk because my wallet is so heavy from having too much money, or my _____ is so big it hangs down and always hits me in the knee.  Oh no you have too many big healthy anemones.  Shut up”  Anyway, i guess he is right, it is not really a bad thing, and does give me an excuse to set up a new, larger tank.  Just thought the conversation was funny.

    Now i am going to build another AOI with that 40g.  I think i will do a skimmer on this one though.  Never used a skimmer before.


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    I wouldn’t think it’s a good problem if it hit my knees. I’d constantly be run from me in horror……………….

    Anemones can be a good problem. You can always trade them for other stuff too!



    Sounds like you’re doing something right :).  Post a pic, I’d like to see the tank.

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