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    Hi guys. This is just a reminder to experienced and non experienced reefers alike that when problems arise to start at the basics and work your way up from there to find the issue.



    In keeping marine fish and corals it is important to remember that, as aquarists, it is our first and primary challenge to maintain water as a medium in which organisms can thrive. Always remember we are “water keepers” first. So, in an attempt to help you find the root of the issue you’re having please answer the following basic questions. Ideally you have at least a 3 month baseline, if not just answer what you know.

    1) Average Alk over the last 3 months

    2) Average PH over the last 3 months

    3) Average NO3 over the last 3 months

    4) Average PO4 over the last 3 months

    5) Average tank temp

    6) Are you making your own RODI water (if not what is your water source?)

    7) Are you dosing anything? If so what is it? How much per day?



    Great List Brandon!  Definately sticky worthy!



    I have Rose tip bubble anemone that has shrunk and split from 3 to 7 and I have been told it is now hungry..  I have been feeding them brime shrimp 1-3 times a week but they do not seem to be getting bigger is there some thing else I need to be doing to make them healthier… IMG_1035IMG_1037

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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