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    Does anyone out there use the Triton Method? If so how are you liking it? I am thinking about starting my new 90 gallon tank on it. Tank isn’t up and running yet but should be at least cycling in about a month or so.


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    A member in Woodstock was when I bought some coral from him a few months ago. His tank looked pretty good.


    I’m doing the no water changes, fuge and dump and pray minor approach. It’s working well so far.



    LMAO!!!! Awesome @danh 😀


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    ROFL! After that response by Dan, I don’t know if I want to reply! 😀 I have used the Triton method for the past six months. I have been impressed with the growth that I have seen in my system. I definately liked the “no water change” approach. I have not made a water change of any kind during those six months. The system haas remained stable. I’m changing over to a calcium reactor simply said because I can. I have had a calcium reactor with everything that goes with it laying here for over a year. I figure It’s time to use it and then decide whether I like it or Triton best. What I didn’t like about the switch is now, I have to go back to water changes. That’s no big thing though because I am using a DOS to do auto water changes daily. Just requires keeping a supply of new salt water ready to go. I have a new, unopened 4 pack of Triton Other Methods available if anyone want to buy it. $45 (plus what’s left in the other 4 bottles that I took off line).




    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ll definitely take it!</p>



    I have heard from several members who ran the full method and after about a year they started experiencing issues.  They all said if they had to do it again they would incorporate some water changes into their maintence schedule.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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