1. aquarium speciality news

    Aquarium Specialty is giving away Free Coral & Free Shipping

    The January promo is over now but we started a new one. Click the banner for details and take a look at the home page slider. To qualify all you have to do is place an order with Aquarium Specialty during the month of February. We are also offering $2.50 in rewards just for setting up a new...
  2. landochiller

    10 Ultimate Guides to Aquarium Water Chiller Systems – part 1

    Regarding this article, will inform you of the Ultimate Guide to Aquarium Water Chiller System. The content includes the following: 1. How to do when high-pressure alarms? 2. How to do when low-pressure alarms? 3. How to do when oil pressure differential alarm? 4. How to do low when compressor...
  3. Big Fish Acrylic Aquarium

    700g Build

    Started a 700g build
  4. ashwinv96

    Maintenance company related question

    Hi Guys, I am looking at maintenance companies to help me and my friends out with installation and maintenance of small tanks (10-30 gallons). Do these companies typically service smaller tanks? I may/may not need them for installation but specifically will need servicing. Thanks!