The Atlanta Reef Club


The ARC is a nonprofit organization of marine hobbyists who share the interest in keeping saltwater fish and reefs.

We welcome all enthusiasts. From those just getting started in the hobby or just simply having some interest, to seasoned veterans. If you are thinking about setting up a saltwater tank or just have experiences to share, this is the place.

The club is very active, with 600+ registered members, 3,900 active accounts and over 20 sponsors. We have at least one monthly meeting (formal or informal). Our forums are the primary means of club communications, and non-members are welcomed to participate. If you are new, please check out our New Member forum (and introduce yourself!) or the Reef Discussion forums.

As a nonprofit, our main source of revenue comes from you. So, if you like what we are doing for the reefing community please consider signing up for a membership to help keep this site going.

Welcome to the Atlanta Reef Club and our forums. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.