1. joshainga

    Need help on a reseal plus tank id

    Just picked up a rimless tank that appears to be able to convert from all in one to rimless not really sure as it has a plug set on the bottom and a 4 chamber built in overflow with returns on both sides. Was told that it has a leak in one of the corners but it appears to have a plastic cover...
  2. aquarium speciality news

    Coral .Gifs

    Whatcha think about this? Do you like the added feature? We would love to hear your thoughts about this and anything else you would like to see to help enhance our website.
  3. aquarium speciality news

    Aquarium Specialty is giving away Free Coral & Free Shipping

    The January promo is over now but we started a new one. Click the banner for details and take a look at the home page slider. To qualify all you have to do is place an order with Aquarium Specialty during the month of February. We are also offering $2.50 in rewards just for setting up a new...
  4. CrisisReef

    Any way to move pistol shrimp den?

    Hey guys, I recently got a pistol shrimp with a Hi gun goby in my pick reef. Love both of them and they paired up instantly. Problem is the den they made is in the back of the tank under a bunch of rock. Is there any way to convince them to move there den at least facing a bit more towards the...
  5. A

    New Corals + Corals start at Just 2.99 Today

    I have been spending a lot of time in our coral department - and the hard work is paying off!! The corals are growing and we have so many new corals available!! It is super exciting. Here are just a few! Visit AquariumDepot to see all of the new items - Enjoy!! Looking for SWEET deals...
  6. A

    Happy New Year - Sweet Deals to Start the New Year out Just right

    Happy New Year - Sweet Deals to Start the New Year out Just right Visit the site and while you are there check out our Awesome Corals in the Coral Bin - all Under $9.99 Take 10% off your ENTIRE order - No Code Needed!
  7. A

    Christmas is Here + Our Holiday Jingle Just for You

    Christmas is Here + Our Holiday Jingle Just for You All Corals are 50% Off at + Check out our Cool Holiday Jingle AquariumDepot Video
  8. A

    Final Day - Copepod Sale @

    Final Day - Copepod Sale @ Copepods are classified as a Carbon Sink - which is defined as an organism that consumes more carbon than it leaves behind - No Carbon Emissions from Copepods Folks!! WIN WIN!! Copepods will improve the health of your tank in the role...