1. Atalien2005

    DIY Controller Board/Cabinet

    Last week I upgraded to a little bit bigger tank with a sump from my previous AIO, which allowed me to put all the electronics underneath. I kicked around ideas hoping to find a solution with very limited space under the new tank to do the same thing. I was hoping this CoralVue board and stand...
  2. Nick_AquaWorks

    Nick’s NOPOX Recipe Calculator 2

    DIY NOPOX Calculator. Very easy to make and is exactly the same as the Red Sea brand name stuff right down to the small amount of methanol found in the brand name product.
  3. A

    DIY Nano ATO

    Morning all, I have been searching for a DIY ATO for my 10g JBJ cube, that does not cost a fortune. I found several threads using a 3gph lifter pump, that is NLA. I was wondering what people were using instead? I usually just add RODI every morning to my tank, but I am about to have to leave...
  4. bg2311

    80g Frag Tank Build

    Starting a build thread for our 80 gallon Deep Blue frag tank. Size: 4' long x 2' deep x 16" tall Capacity: 80 gallons Total system volume as of 8/6/21: ~200 gallons (plumbed into display tank) Lighting: 3 x Orphek OR3 LED bars (1 day plus, 1 blue plus, 1 UV/Violet) Powerheads: 1 x Ecotech...
  5. bg2311

    DIY UV Sterilizer Project

    Hello! I'm starting a build thread for a DIY project that I'm working on (if this should be in another forum section, mods please let me know). The sheer cost of consumer/prosumer grade UV sterilizers was enough to motivate me to try to build my own. Quick required safety disclaimer: Even...
  6. o0o_the_mutt_o0o

    Aquascaping Thoughts

    So I'm aquascaping my tank and this is what I've gone up with so far! I'm in the process of building another sculpture, and wanted to see your thoughts. Please be gentle LMFAO! Note The pieces in the tank are already done, and they are three separate sections. The last pic is not finished.
  7. hankhill31

    Finally got the 220 (da casket) up

    Finally starting to put this <img class="alignleft" src="[/IMG] alt="20180528_120927" />build up having fun wit alt="20180528_122412" />h he kidsand I have no clue how to aqua scape  <img...