1. T

    First planted tank help

    I wasn't sure if this was better suited here for Tank issues or under freshwater. I apologize if it should be in the latter - mods feel free to move/close/etc. I recently set up a freshwater planted tank for my 6 year old and 3 year old and I'm having some issues. I have kept saltwater tanks...
  2. simonhill55

    URGENT HELP!! Seahorse Malfunctioning!

    Somethings wrong with my large female seahorse. She’s about 4 years old. Been swimming a little weird the past three days but still eating. Just got home from work and her gut is exploding. 😫😫 Video:
  3. johnnydeez

    90g tank crash

    My 90 had a chiller issue, which apparently killed a coral. This led to a chain reaction that killed about 95% of my corals and livestock. I only have 3 zoa colonies, one chalice and very 3 very unhappy and severely injured stylophora remaining... 3 chromis and my clown made it. Lost flame hawk...
  4. C

    Chaeto dying off

    Hey guys! About a week ago I started my first stab at a Chaeto refugium. I got a decent light that I will link below. Anyways I put the Chaeto in the back of my Biocube, and I’ve been running the light on a reverse schedule. The only problem is that a week later is has dwindled to about the size...
  5. C

    Anemone squished by rock

    Hey there. I have a 4 inch BTA in my tanks and after doing a small change to my scape, part of the anemone is under one of the rocks. My question is can an anemone pull itself out from under a rock without hurting itself? The rock is only like a pound in weight and it’s not even particularly...
  6. C

    Sea Clone 100 not skimming

    Hey guys, I have a Sea Clone 100 aquarium Skimmer on the back of my Bio cube. The slimmer does not seem to be creating bubbles, and the water simply flows through it and out of the return. It has been running for about a week now, and I have tried dialing in the air supply multiple times. Has...
  7. C

    Dictyota Algae help

    Hey guys, one of my tanks is slowly getting over run by Dictyota algae. I bought a tuxedo urchin to help, but he only seems to slow the spread. I was wondering if there are any other ways to take care of this particular algae. It is a biocube 32, so a Naso tang would not be ideal even though I...
  8. C

    Is this a beneficial macro algae?

    Hey guys! I recently broke down an old tank of mine that I kind of let go for a while. Moved all the corals and fish to a new tank. In the old tank I discovered a clump of what I guess to be a kind of algae. I threw it into the new tank along with the corals just until I figure out exactly what...
  9. lmm1967

    Identification help

    All you fine folks that can actually remember coral names and then identify them - any assistance with what these are?
  10. C

    Stand builder or finisher..

    Guys, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one of our new year traditional activities..we always clean the house in and out and get rid of all old and unused items and our 125 gal tank has been given passage year after year after year and this is the last year. We bought it 10 yrs ago...