1. schwaggs

    My experience with the Kessil A500X

    I originally posted the below information to another thread on August 21st, 2021. I am reposing it here to make the info and updates easier to find. I resisted the switch to LEDs mostly due to cost and the fact my system has a chiller so temps are not a problem. I recently swapped out triple...
  2. simonhill55

    Radion vs kessil

    I am looking for opinions from folks who has used both. I currently have two displays, a 180 and a 125. Both are 6 feet long. They are both mixed reefs right now. More acros/sps in the 180. I currently run two ap700/t5 combo over my 180 and MH on the 125. I am about to replace the halides. I...