1. A

    Lighting for 125g Reef Tank

    Good evening everyone. Today I was met with a surprise, that I knew was coming I just did not realize the day was today. I typically change out my metal halide bulbs every February, I run 3x 250w Radium Moguls. Have run those on this tank for around a decade now. Well, one burned out, I went...
  2. schwaggs

    My experience with the Kessil A500X

    I originally posted the below information to another thread on August 21st, 2021. I am reposing it here to make the info and updates easier to find. I resisted the switch to LEDs mostly due to cost and the fact my system has a chiller so temps are not a problem. I recently swapped out triple...
  3. D

    New aquatic life led combo fixture

    I haven’t seen much about this new fixture on the internet. Aquatic life’s website along with BRS and an announcement on reefbuilders is about it. Has anyone heard anything or gotten to see one yet? I decided to grab one from BRS, it should be here by the weekend. I was putting together my own...
  4. T


    Brand new, still in the shipping box! We only have a few of these available so be sure get one while supplies last! *Super limited quantity!!* Red Sea Reefer Deluxe 425XL (112G, WHITE): Normal Retail: $2,939.99 SUPER SALE PRICE: $2,099.99 Red Sea Reefer Deluxe Peninsula P500 (132G, BLACK)...