1. B

    Consignment proposition.

    Hey Reefers I am I the Air Force and I am having to move to Texas for my job. i have a 180 gallon mixed reef tank and I have procrastinated badly on breaking down my tank cause it’s full of coral and I absolutely and going to be devastated when it comes down. I’m keeping my tank and...
  2. Jikkermanccini

    Cynarina lacrymalis breeding project & study

    Hello there. This thread will be documenting a research/passion project that I have been developing for the past year or so, involving the coral Cynarina* lacrymalis. All of my spawning data is collected from this one research paper from the 90's, so I've not got much to work on besides egg...
  3. johnnydeez

    Polyp extension

    I’ve got good parameters, flow and lighting, however my sps polyp extension is minimal... fish don’t nip and a few extend decently... also good encrusting not a lot of branching... any ideas? I know most of you will say don’t worry because I have good growth but again curious as to why? Also...