1. joshainga

    Nuvo 20 build

    So I picked this nuvo 20 up a couple of months ago from a fellow member and initially was going to run it was a bare bottom frag tank. Well I’m one of the groups I’m in on Facebook there was a contest where the grand prize winner won an aquascape from Artreef Rocks and I was lucky enough to win...
  2. sotsreef

    Natural 25 Gallon Lagoon

    Hey all, If you don’t know me my name is John and this is going to be my build thread for my Innovative Marine 25 Gallon Lagoon Tank. I am going for a more natural reef under white lights, and am going to be adding macroalgae and some other soft corals overtime. Anyways here is the specs on the...
  3. iReef

    Fluval Evo

    Finally decided to start documenting my journey with the Evo. I have been loving it so far. The tank has been up for about 8 months, I'm ready to moving to a larger tank. Just like everyone says you will. But for now just going to enjoying th hobby.