1. Jwhite0007

    My Apex ATK Alarm is driving me insane!

    Is there a way to disable the Apex alarm for the the ATK? Every time the sensor low is open it obviously turns on the ATK but then sends me an alarm. I really don’t need to know it’s doing it’s job. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Sun1914

    Trident Readings

    Pulled the trigger and purchased a Trident yesterday. The initial reading came back Alk 8.7 Cal 405 Mag 1080 Which I was surprised by since my Mag is usually high (testing with Red Sea Kit) but i know manual kits can be funny at times. The next reading a few hours later came back Alk 8.7 Cal...
  3. 1mbrews8

    No Water Sample fix for Neptune Trident DIY

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this, so feel free to move to more appropriate spot :o) So I got the dreaded "No water sample" error on my Neptune Trident, so figured I'd try to fix it to save time sending in to Neptune. First the problem.. Totally my fault. I bought it in Sept...
  4. lmm1967

    APEX alarms make me CRAZY

    alarm program: If TF_Lea CLOSED Then ON If Skimma OPEN Then ON If TF_Tem > 80.0 Then ON If Sump_H CLOSED Then ON If Sump_L OPEN Then ON If Error ATO_Pump Then ON If SR_Lea CLOSED Then ON Min Time 000:10 Then ON Overnight - alarm triggered on "If Skimma OPEN Then ON" - rightfully so. My...