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  1. C

    Aqua Vitro Sentia Dose review

    Let me start with who I am. I am on my second tank. first was a 10 gal nano whose parameters changed every time I opened a window. I started with the best of intentions but it was too steep a hill for me to climb. That tank lasted almost 4 years before I gave up and stepped away. I then...
  2. Jeremey’s reef

    Getting back in the spirit of Reefing

    Yesterday I traveled one and a half hours to check out one the clubs latest sponsors Classic City Aquarium and I have to say it was worth the traffic battle in my opinion. I picked up a very nice and fluffy 8 head frag of light blue candy cane and some nice Zoa’s. As you all know I was ready to...
  3. ashwinv96

    Maintenance company related question

    Hi Guys, I am looking at maintenance companies to help me and my friends out with installation and maintenance of small tanks (10-30 gallons). Do these companies typically service smaller tanks? I may/may not need them for installation but specifically will need servicing. Thanks!