1. Sun1914

    Refugium vs Chaeto Reactor?

    So I'm currently growing chaeto in my sump but I'm looking for a way to "clean up" the sump and so I'm considering a reactor. Wondering what has been the pros and cons for you reefers who are currently running a reactor vs having a refugium and vis versa. Thanks guys.
  2. CrisisReef

    Chaeto dying off

    Hey guys! About a week ago I started my first stab at a Chaeto refugium. I got a decent light that I will link below. Anyways I put the Chaeto in the back of my Biocube, and I’ve been running the light on a reverse schedule. The only problem is that a week later is has dwindled to about the size...
  3. A

    What are Saltwater Plants good For?

    What are Saltwater Plants good For? 1. Macroalgae is great for naturally reducing algae - The MACRO out-competes the MICRO and reduces the food source - in essence starving the MICRO algae. 2. Saltwater Plants are great food source for fish. Fish love to much on Algae like ULVA aka Sea...