1. CrisisReef

    New RO/DI 30 ppm

    Hello everyone. I’m starting up a new tank and replaced the filter cartridges as well as the membrane on my RO buddy. After running the two cartridges I installed the membrane. I then ran that for 30 minutes as instructed before installing the DI component. My water is coming back around 30 ppm...
  2. A

    DIY Nano ATO

    Morning all, I have been searching for a DIY ATO for my 10g JBJ cube, that does not cost a fortune. I found several threads using a 3gph lifter pump, that is NLA. I was wondering what people were using instead? I usually just add RODI every morning to my tank, but I am about to have to leave...
  3. M

    RODI question

    For a lack of knowing where to post this I chose this DIY section. Ok, so I know some of you reading this will gasp at my thoughts....but I have to ask/discuss anyway because it's truly bugging me not finding a good answer. I have had a 4 stage "plus" RODI system from BRS for a little over 3...