1. SaltedCarmel

    Dwarf Sea Horses

    Is anyone local keeping dwarf sea horses? I’ve been looking into getting a couple pairs for a mangrove bowl setup I’ve had running and looking for personal experience and advice regarding them. Heard they breed like crazy too, so if someone is keeping them and willing to sell a couple that would...
  2. simonhill55

    URGENT HELP!! Seahorse Malfunctioning!

    Somethings wrong with my large female seahorse. She’s about 4 years old. Been swimming a little weird the past three days but still eating. Just got home from work and her gut is exploding. 😫😫 Video:
  3. A

    Final Day - Copepod Sale @

    Final Day - Copepod Sale @ Copepods are classified as a Carbon Sink - which is defined as an organism that consumes more carbon than it leaves behind - No Carbon Emissions from Copepods Folks!! WIN WIN!! Copepods will improve the health of your tank in the role...
  4. A

    Buy 1 Get 1 Pods at

    Today has the Best deal on Pods - Buy 1000 for $29.99 - Get 1000 for FREE! Our Copepods and Amphipods are the best deal in the country - check out these reviews: On 8.19.2018 - Jason stated: "Even if you don't have any fish that eat Pods you would get these they help with so...