torch coral

  1. AlexATL77

    Need help with my Torch Coral

    Need help! My torch coral has started the curl up its polyps over the past couple of months. I test water weekly which has been pretty stable: Alk 9.3 Ammonia 0.0 Calcium 476 Mag 1290 Nitrate 24 Nitrite 0.0 Ph 8.17 Phosphate 0.06 Salinity 1.025 Last week I have moved it down to the sand to see...
  2. Bsaggy28

    Torch Coral Problem

    Would anyone know what would cause a torch to look like this? It also has a bubble from its mouth on the right head. The bubble has been going down slowly. I think the torch got damaged on the rocks where it used to be but I am not sure.
  3. AlexATL77

    Ultra Torch curled and bulged looking polyps

    Hi friends, Quick questions as I am looking for advise with my ultra torch. Lately I started to notice that some of the polyps look a bit curly and bulged (not sure if that's the right term). I did not change the flow however I moved a piece of life rock and ramped up the light as most of my...
  4. FishRfriends

    Torch ID needed

    I'm pretty sure it's an indo. However I'm not sure if it's considered a peach with white tips maybe. Also my light uses more whites than blues so I'm sure with proper lighting the color would pop differently. Thanks Reefers for your input.