water parameters

  1. CrisisReef

    New RO/DI 30 ppm

    Hello everyone. I’m starting up a new tank and replaced the filter cartridges as well as the membrane on my RO buddy. After running the two cartridges I installed the membrane. I then ran that for 30 minutes as instructed before installing the DI component. My water is coming back around 30 ppm...
  2. Sun1914

    Trident Readings

    Pulled the trigger and purchased a Trident yesterday. The initial reading came back Alk 8.7 Cal 405 Mag 1080 Which I was surprised by since my Mag is usually high (testing with Red Sea Kit) but i know manual kits can be funny at times. The next reading a few hours later came back Alk 8.7 Cal...
  3. YoungReefer10g

    Just went to LFS

    Hey I just went to my local LFS to get my water tested they said that water parameters are perfect does this mean I’m ready to add corals and fish? I just want to make sure I’m doing this right.