1. MCWL

    New 180 up and running

    It took several hours this week, to switch my 90 to the new 180. It’s up and running. Fish and corals are happy. Shout out to Steve Burton, for loaning me his 100 gallon Rubbermaid. I was able to put the 180 where the 90 was. Great guy.
  2. Dabull78

    Tank Polish Help !!

    I have a 300gal tank acrylic that I wanted to do over. So I started by wet sanding, that part is all complete. I started to polish, got one side finish. However I had to have shoulder surgery. And want to get it completed. But can’t, so anyone know one you who can help me complete? I have all...
  3. Big Fish Acrylic Aquarium

    700g Build

    Started a 700g build